Black Onyx 27 beads 12mm

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Name Beads Size Length Weight
Black Onyx 27+1 12mm 31+7cm 77g

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Black Onyx handmade komboloi created with 27+1 natural Gemstone Black Matt Onyx with crystals round beads of 12mm diameter with original tibetan silver metals, 38cm total length, 31cm + 7cm tassel, and 77g total weight. It comes with a vintage gift pouch.

Very rare Black Matt Onyx with crystals beads

Onyx is a powerful protective stone that can shield the mind and body from electromagnetic energy. It absorbs and transforms negative energy, helping to prevent that drain of personal energy. Onyx assists with melancholy, the release of negativity and depression. It helps to calm your fears, leaving you feeling stable and secure.
Crystallography Refractive Hardness Gravity Birefringence Formula
Hexagonal, microcrystaline 1.544 - 1.553 7 2.651 0.004 SiO2

IGS (International Gem Society) Onyx is banded chalcedony that is found in many different colors including commonly black and white.